Why DIY Invites Are Not as Good as Couture Wedding Invitations

When it comes to a wedding, every last detail is of the utmost importance. If you are on somewhat of a budget and you want to cut costs wherever you can, you might even consider creating your own wedding invites, rather than ordering couture invitations that you assume will cost a great deal. While this might seem like a good idea at first, it almost always turns out not to be. 

There are much better ways to save money and unless you consider yourself an expert craftsman or woman, you should go with couture wedding invitations. There is actually a whole industry dedicated to this aspect of wedding planning and you should definitely take advantage of the hard work and beautiful craftsmanship that you could never hope to replicate on your own. Let’s take a look at some more reasons why you should go with couture invitations instead of creating your own.

Quality Counts

Your wedding invitation is what people will first see in regards to your wedding. Having a good one could mean the difference between your guest showing up or not. Of course your closest family and friends will probably attend no matter what, but if you want distant relatives or other important people to attend, you’d better send them the message that this event is important and official by delivering high quality couture wedding invitations to them. People are much less likely to decline an invite to an event that they feel is very important or high-class than they are, to a basic boring invite.


A common misconception is that DIY invites cost less, thus are an easy way to cut cost for those on a budget. The reality is that there are some really beautiful couture invitations available for anywhere from 4$-8$ per invite. Unless you are inviting thousands of people to your event, that’s pretty affordable for most people. And if you are inviting thousands, you definitely aren’t creating your own invites anyway.

The supplies required to make your own invites would likely run you the same cost if not a higher one than couture invitations would

Time Restrictions

Wedding invites are among the least of your concerns before a wedding. There are so many other details to take care of that its would be insane to spend hours upon hours pumping out your own invites. That’s what professional companies are for, to provide you with higher quality than you could ever create, while saving you time to focus on more important details. God forbid you should make some mistakes on your invites, you would have to re-do them and re-send them all over again which just isn’t worth it.

In Conclusion

Buying your own couture wedding invitations is a much better idea than trying to make your own. Not only will they look better and make your guests feel more important, they will also save you valuable time and money that could be spent elsewhere on more important things. Don’t waste your own time and money, go with couture wedding invitations and leave the craftsmanship to the pros.

DIY wedding invitation card
Man holding a DIY wedding invitation card suite