Why Boxed Invitations Are The Perfect Choice For Your Wedding

Your wedding is a day that’s truly unlike any other. It’s a celebration of your love, and your journey to happiness. So why should you settle for traditional invitations when celebrating your wedding?

Traditional envelope-based invitations and postcards are all well and good, but they lack a certain style, flair, and unique design. They’re functional – but not much more.

If you’re looking for a truly innovative way to send your wedding invitations, you’ve got to check out wedding invitation boxes from Dennis Wisser. Our unique wedding invitations are sent in handcrafted, customized boxes. Built from the highest-quality materials and with a focus on one-of-a-kind designs, our products are sure to please.

Learn more about why you should choose our boxed invitations for your wedding now!

  1. Boxed Invitations Make Great Keepsakes

An envelope is temporary. It’s built to be torn apart and thrown away – not kept for days, months, or years to come. If you choose traditional wedding invitations, you’ll be spending quite a bit of money on envelopes that will simply be immediately thrown away.

In contrast, boxed invitations are much more unique – and they make wonderful keepsakes. With a custom box like our Ivory Silk Gift Box, your wedding invitations are sure to make a splash when you send them out.
Not only that, the recipients are likely to keep the box for months. Your wedding invitation box is both beautiful and useful, so they’ll be thinking about your special day long after you’ve already gotten married!


  1. A Boxed Invitation Helps Your Wedding Stand Out

Sometimes, wedding invitations can get lost in the shuffle. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life. With so many bills, letters, and other pieces of mail delivered every day, it can be easy to misplace an invitation or an RSVP.

But a boxed invitation helps you avoid this issue. If you choose wedding invitation boxes such as our Thai Silk Personalized Box, it will be impossible to miss your invitation! And because you can customize this product with a logo or sentence of your own choosing, you can truly make it your own!


  1. We Offer A Range Of Wedding Invitation Boxes That Can Appeal To Anyone

We’ve got over 5 dozen different wedding invitation boxes of all shapes, colors, sizes, styles, and materials. Whether you’re interested in a simple, elegant black wedding invitation box, or a luxurious and sumptuous wedding box with ribbons, filigree, and more, we can take care of your needs!

With our diverse selection of products, you’ll find an invitation box that fits your unique style – guaranteed!


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Don’t settle for a plain envelope. Your special day deserves, well, something special! So shop the Dennis Wisser selection of boxed invitations now, and see how you can make your wedding invitations truly one-of-a-kind at