Silk Says it Best

Silk has long been considered one of the most luxurious materials that people can use. From clothing, to decor, and yes, even wedding invitations – silk sets the tone for your big day. Best of all, silk doesn’t just have to be for upscale, traditional weddings. No matter what kind of theme, venue, or music you plan to have; a silk folder for your invitations says a lot about the day you’ve planned.

Not Just For Classy Weddings

When many people hear the word “silk” they immediately think expensive and classy. However, silk can be adapted to fit any type of wedding while still providing that elegant touch. A silk folder for your luxury wedding invitations will immediately make the invitation stand out when compared with a regular paper envelope. As soon as people feel the luxurious touch of silk against their fingertips, they will know the effort you have put into planning your wedding.

Silk folders come in all different shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any type of wedding. Of course they are an amazing choice for those looking to have an upscale, classy wedding. A simple, elegant silk envelope with a pearl embellishment immediately tells people what kind of event to expect. However, silk can also be used for a fun, modern wedding theme. A bold color choice with a simple accent still looks and feels very professional but suggests a cleaner, more modern theme. Before people have even opened the envelope to read the invitation they have begun to imagine what your big day will be like. That’s the power of silk.

Forget About Lost Invitations

Since silk is such a beautiful, elegant material; people are more likely to take care of it compared to a simple paper envelope. The chance that people misplace your wedding invitation when it’s enclosed inside of a gorgeous silk envelope goes way down. This reduces frantic questions from guests as you grow closer to the day. What time is the ceremony? Where is the reception? Is it this Saturday or next Saturday? People won’t forget where they put their invitation when you choose to use silk envelopes.

Make Guests Feel Special

When your wedding guests hold that silk wedding envelope they know you truly care about their attendance and that you have put a lot of effort into planning your wedding. When your guests can hold your silk envelopes and literally feel the amount of passion you have put into your big day, they will put that same passion into your day. This is why choosing silk envelopes will always be a better option than e-vites.

Choose Silk For A Personal Impression

Weddings are emotional days and a silk envelope for your wedding invites are the first opportunity to set the tone. Silk says many things like quality, elegance, and passion. The moment your guests brush their fingertips against the silk wedding envelope is the moment your wedding becomes real in their minds. Your beautiful day deserves beautiful silk.