How the Crimson Red Taffeta Silk Shoulder Bag Meets Your Needs

It’s completely true.

You can never have too many bags. There’s one bag, however, that you’ll find yourself turning to time and time again because of its versatility, and that’s the crimson red taffeta silk shoulder bag from Dennis Wisser.

Women adore bags and totes because they can be a convenient purse, providing plenty of room to carry the necessities of everyday life, like your makeup, wallet, hairbrush and more.

Some bags are meant to do double duty, and the crimson red taffeta silk shoulder bag does that. Here’s how.

Convenient carrying size  and comfort

At 20 cm x 42 cm x 9 cm, the crimson red taffeta silk shoulder bag is large enough to drop a tablet into, but it’s also roomy enough to hold those things you’d rather ot have in your hands, like a book or notebook, your sunglasses and even small purchases you make make as you run your erands.

In addition, the rolled taffeta handles are soft and won’t cut into your shoulder when you wear the bag under your arm.


Your crimson red taffeta silk shoulder bag is made from taffeta, which is a strong natural fabric woven to withstand some serious wear and tear.

In addition, the bag folds easily, which means that it is the perfect second bag to tuck into a larger one. Should you need that second bag, you have it at your fingertips, ready to be put into service.

The base of the bag has a flat, reinforced bottom to provide additional strength and assist the bag in retaining its shape. Two of the compartments are open (think mobile phone and sunglasses) and one zips to keep your personal items personal.

There’s a zipper at the top of the bag, as well, making it possible to secure the contents and keep them from spilling.

Internal compartments

More than just a tote, this bag also has three interior pockets, perfect for keeping the smaller objects you need, like your keys, in a conveninent location. That’s means you have four compartments in which to keep the items you need separate from each other.


This crimson red taffeta silk shoulder bag is made entirely of Thai taffeta, so unlike its leather counterparts, it won’t feel heavy as it accompanies you on your journey.

Ultimately, though, the crimson red taffeta silk shoulder bag is gorgeous in and of itself, and that should be reason enough to carry it. The red embroidery on the taffeta lends a sophisticated touch that is feminine and delicate-looking. And it doesn’t hurt that this bag is a vibrant red. It’s one you’ll notice, so it’s unlikely you’ll forget it.

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