Creating the Handcrafted Luxury Wedding Invitations of Your Dreams

Now that you’ve gotten engaged, you’ve probably already done it.

You have looked at mass-produced wedding invitations and decided that they are not for you. No wonder. Generally speaking, the paper is flimsy, the lettering is mass-printed, and the stock colors and designs are uninspiring. The invitations look like everyone else’s invitations, and don’t really reflect who you are as a person or the couple that two of you are.

You are more of the handcrafted luxury wedding invitations type. The well-thought out design, the fine quality of materials and elegant finish touches that can create a bespoke invitation define you and your expectations.

Here’s what to look for when creating the handcrafted luxury wedding invitations that you and your honored guests will cherish.

An individualized experience

The whole idea behind handcrafted luxury wedding invitations is that your experience and final invitation will be as unique as you are.

Your designer would be able to produce your invitations, folios envelopes and boxes in the colors and materials you want, not what they are trying to get rid of from last season.

If you don’t have a choice of fabric covering, color or embellishments, you may want to consider looking elsewhere for your invitations.             

Superior quality materials

Any handcrafted luxury wedding invitations should immediate address two of the senses — sight and touch.  You want your invitation to be pleasing to look at, but you also want it to be pleasing to the touch.

Luxury fabrics like Thai silk, taffeta and velvet send a message of first class elegance.

Your folios and boxes need more than just fabric; look for sumptuous pillow-style padding on the covers. This one extra detail can turn a plain box into a mystical treasure chest.

Exquisite detailing

Once you’ve decided on the materials, you are ready to get creative in how you’ll present your handcrafted luxury wedding invitation in the best light.

You want your invitation to arrive in your guests’ hands as though it is a gift. No present is complete without the finishing touches of ribbon and embellishment.

Again, you’ll want to look for plenty of choices among two- and three-inch wide fabric ribbons. These wider lengths command a more regal presence. Top off your invitation box with an embellishment that represents your wedding style.

In addition, you may wish to consider adding a monogram to your invitation box. Choose a gold metallic thread to complement your gold embossing on the invitation, or for discreet style, monogram your initials in the same color as the invitation box fabric.

Who needs mass-produced, generic invitations? You can create  unique invitations and present them in the style that best defines you. Who needs mass-produced, generic invitations?