Jewel Tone Wedding Embellishments for the Fall

The lighter pink and rose tones of spring and summer will soon fade from wedding trends and give way to richer, bolder colors for the fall and winter wedding season.

If you are planning your wedding right now for the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017, you’ll want to stay away from the pastels you see everywhere. Opt instead for accents with jewel tones. Wedding embellishments, too can benefit from your savvy selection as you prepare in advance for your fall/winter wedding.

You may be accustomed to seeing only clear rhinestone or pearl brooches, pins and clasps used as wedding embellishments, but there are design houses ahead of the game, ready to supply you with the rich colors you want.

One of the simplest ways to bring color to your event is to incorporate rhinestone buckle jewel tone wedding embellishments on your wedding invitation folios or wedding invitation boxes. At 21 x 12mm, these buckles perfectly hold a ribbon in place, and with jewel-like colors of sapphire, peridot, yellow topaz, amethyst, pink diamonds and rubies to choose from, you are sure to find the color you want for your wedding invitations.

If you are looking for a brooch-style jewel tone wedding embellishment, try a Rosegold Crystal Brooch. This design combines the iridescent beauty of clear rhinestones with a strikingly opulent amethyst-colored rhinestone.

Of course, not all jewel tone wedding embellishments have to be used on the wedding invitation folio or invitation box. A newer trend is to begin the bling on the invitation itself, with something like the Modern Crown Brooch design to embellish wedding cards.

Imagine how luxurious your invitation will be with a silver crown studded with glistening pink stones or exotic red ruby-like stones that will remind yo of the elegance that is Siam.

You still want to attach this jewel tone wedding embellishment brooch to you invitation boxes? no problem. You can also order this design with a pin lock so that it attaches easily to fabric or ribbon and stays in place.

You can also focus on a single color with no additional rhinestones or pearls with a brooch like the Golden Crystal Brooch and Aqua Rhinestones from Dennis Wisser, the premier designer of jewel tone wedding embellishments. The aqua in each rhinestone is a rich, pure blue — quite appropriate as an embellishment and as the “something blue” many brides still wear or carry with them.

Regardless of how you use your wedding embellishments, it’s important to remember two things — when summer’s over, the best weddings will incorporate jewel tones, and those jewel tone wedding embellishments will come form Dennis Wisser.