The Boldest Wedding Invitation Trends

Courage comes in many forms, and sometimes the boldest behavior comes when you depart from old traditions and embrace new trends.

This is especially true with wedding invitation trends. Here are some you’ll want to avoid and some you’ll want for your wedding.

Leave these wedding invitation trends behind

Matching anything. Once upon a time, brides picked out their bridesmaids’ dresses, as well as the color, the shoes and the jewelry. Some brides even dictated hairstyles in an effort to create a uniform look. The wedding invitations, the tablecloths and the flowers were all the same color as the bridesmaids’ dresses. If you are still creating a one-palette, one look wedding, stop. This includes tone-on-tone wedding invitations.

Loose invitation fill. If you are going to all the trouble of getting luxury invitations, why would you stuff the envelopes with additional bric-a-brac like loose pieces of glitter or beach sand or some other small particles that fly everywhere when your guests open their envelopes?

Love these wedding invitation trends for your wedding

Luxury invitation paper. The best paper for your wedding invitations is thick and luxuriant, the kind of paper quality that suggests you had it made especially for your wedding.

Laser cut folds. Laser cuts can create any design for the cover of your invitations. These specialties are one of the hottest wedding trends today, largely because they can be deeply symbolic, like the tree of life, or uniquely specialized, like a monogram for the new couple.


Gold foil. Skip the printing and embossing. If you splurge on any one wedding invitation trend, opt for gold foil. The opulence it creates is unbelievable, and you can augment this luxury with wedding invitation boxes like an ivory invitation box with three-inch wide ribbon and a crystal clasp.

Metallic glitter. Glitter on your wedding invitation is far preferable to glitter in your envelope. New technology in printing allows you to capture glittery colors that sparkle and capture both the light and your guests’ imaginations.

Jewel tones. Brides are quite finished with the soft pastels and blushing colors of the spring and summer. It’s time to return to the courageous colors inspired by fall and winter, colors you see in the night sky or the embers in a fireplace.  Now imagine metallic glitter on those jewel tones. It’s the ultimate accent.

Go ahead, be bold. Step away from the traditional and embrace your wild side by opting for the wedding invitation trends that will put you in front of every one else when it comes to inviting your guests to your wedding.