Why a Brooch Bouquet Is the Perfect Alternative to the Traditional Bouquet

Brooches are desirable objects for today’s stylish weddings. Even wedding invitation boxes are wrapped in fine fabric and embellished with stunning brooches that say, “This event will be special.”

You’ll find brooches on more than a wedding invitation box. One of the hottest trends for weddings is to leave behind the traditional bride’s bouquet of flowers in lieu of a brooch bouquet.

With a brooch bouquet, you can establish your own tradition to be handed down for each of your generations to come.

While your wedding dress may go out of style or be not quite the right size for future brides in your family, your brooch bouquet may find its place in the hands of your daughter or granddaughter, and each bride can add to the bouquet with each generation.

How do you get started?

The brooch bouquet is a collection of brooches, usually gathered around a theme.

For example, you may select rhinestones and pearls, brightly colored enamel pins in the shapes of flowers, or you could cull those brooches that have the greatest personal meaning to you – perhaps those given to you as special gifts throughout your life – as the centerpieces of your bouquet. The bouquet is wrapped in luxurious satin, velvet or ribbon, sometimes decorated with additional materials such as pearl sprays, and the bouquet is carried in place of traditional flowers.

You have no brooches? It’s not too late to get started. Have your maid of honor throw a brooch shower for you to begin your collection. Each person’s gift will be on display at your wedding as you carry your bouquet. The beauty in the brooch bouquet lies in how unique it is; this elegant bouquet is a reflection of your personal style.

For the ultimate in coordinating around your brooch bouquet tradition, set the stage with wedding invitation boxes that are each embellished with a rhinestone or pearl brooch. These luxury boxed wedding invitations are tantalizing suggestions of the nuptials to come.

Do be sure to use one of the brooches from a wedding invitation box to include in your bouquet to unify your theme.

Have a small back up bouquet in case you intend to throw your bouquet after the wedding. A brooch bouquet hurtling through the wedding party airspace towards the end of the festivities can be dangerous.

Besides, you’ll want to keep your brooch bouquet, perhaps displaying it next to your framed photo of you and the groom, along with one of the embellished wedding invitation boxes as a reminder of how well planned your wedding was, from the invitations to the ceremony itself.