With the number of non-profit charities around the world, it can be difficult for an organization to get people interested in their cause. Charity events are one way of doing this, but the peopletargeted for these types of activities typically receive dozens of charity invitations a month. What you need to do is find a way to stand out from that crowd and wow your potential donators right from the start.


Try these five unique methods of piquing donator’s interest and getting them to come out to your event with their wallets in tow:

Unique Invitations – No one is paying attention to your invitation if it is being sent by email. If it’s sent in a regular envelope, it’s getting added to a stack of correspondence that an assistant is opening. Send it in a classy invitation box, and your target thinks they are getting a present. Silk invitation boxes can be adorned to look just like a gift, and are the perfect size to hold the details of your charity event.

Stage Competition Fundraisers – If the popularity of sporting events is any indication, then it is obvious that people love to watch competition events. If you are a local charity, try asking some of your community leaders to participate in a spelling bee or jeopardy type trivia contest. People will come out in droves to see how the high school principal fares against the police chief when it comes to spelling.

Give Out Prizes – Those silk invitation boxes can also be used as a carrier for game pieces that are a part of your charity event. Add a raffle ticket inside of the box, or guarantee a prize by sending a number to each invitee that corresponds with a mystery prize at the door.

Donations of Goods Count Too – In order to reduce your costs, get local businesses to donate services or products to use as prizes. This ensures that the majority of the money raised is going towards your cause. You can thank your sponsors by giving them free advertising in a newsletter to your donators, or even with custom made folders placed on the tables at your event.

Keep Your Donators Up to Date – One of the best ways to keep donators interested in your cause is with updates on what their money was used towards. Make these as personal as possible so that the next time they see one of your silk invitation boxes arrive in the mail, they’ll be excited to be an active participant at your charity event.

It is not an easy undertaking to raise money for a worthy cause. Yet if you are able to differentiate your charity from all of the others out there, you will stand a better chance of getting donators excited about being a part of your project.