Check Out Our Latest Flower Gift Boxes With Foil Stamped Logo

Discover a our wide selection of beautiful flower boxes in a variety of materials and shapes designed by Dennis Wisser and sold for retail and wholesale prices

Since July 2018 the website has started to design quality flower boxes for it’s clients. The shape, color and materials can be chosen by the customer which allows full customisation of the product. This will ensure the end product represents the clients brand and corporate identity. Famous are right now for example or paper laminated round flower boxes that come ready with the clients logo foil stamped onto the front of the box.
Furthermore is offering silk flower boxes and linen flower boxes that are sold in a unique variety of colors and an assortment of different textile surfaces. The company sells to companies and individuals and guarantees a high quality product that is sold at affordable cost and exported all over the world via DHL express door to door delivery service.
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Round foil stamped flower box
Example of black round flower box designed by Dennis Wisser in 2018