The Right Way to Use an Invitation Box

Planning any event, whether it’s a wedding, a bar mitzvah or a gala fundraiser, begins with a date, a guest list and the invitations.

As though it’s not enough to adroitly handle all of details that go along with your event, figuring out the invitations and the contents of the invitation boxes can sidetrack even the most intrepid planners.

Your invitation may indeed remind you of an elegantly lined and covered box, the kind that has been reserved for superior invitations to elite events. Your specialty box may also be of the folio type, with side flaps or wings that open to the contents underneath.

You have a plethora of colors from which to choose, and you can also employ varied color combinations by selecting lids in one color and bottoms in another. Whether you have selected a traditional invitation box or a folio box, you can add more glamour by wrapping a metallic ribbon that coordinates with the metal of your rings (this year’s hottest trend) across the top of the box.

Adorn the outside of the invitation box with additional ribbon, a brooch or a clasp for a couture look that establishes your taste and style. The idea is to appeal to the senses of your guests.

The ultimate in luxury invitation presentation is the silk invitation box, and with its ribbon holder to secure your invitations in place, it virtually guarantees that your invitations will arrive in the best condition, presented exactly the way you had in mind.

How you present the invitation itself, the RSVP card and any other material such as save the date cards, maps, or parking information makes a difference to your guests. An organized presentation speaks volumes about how well you can plan, and the contents of a well-thought out invitation box can have you guests quickly reaching for their save the date cards.

When organizing the contents of the box or folio, think about what you want your guests to see first when they open your invitation. The invitation is the most important of the printed pieces you are sending, so it should lie nestled in the box in a way that the recipient will see it first.

The ancillary materials can be inserted in the ribbon holder or slip them into the pockets. The ribbon holder and pockets will be located on the underside of the lid or your invitation box. Again, place them in order of importance, with the most important pieces in the front and lesser pieces to the back; it’s all about what your guests see, and first impressions are important.

Ultimately, using an invitation box the right way is in your hands. Organize how your invitation will be presented, and you’ll have guests saying yes to your date.