Wedding Invitations
Wedding Invitations

When a couple decides to tie the knot and get married, how do they decide whom to invite? It isn’t as simple as inviting everyone who they know in the neighborhood, everyone who they work with, or every single relative or friend that they have. Instead, the process becomes more involved once they begin to create the wedding guest list. There’s a lot to think about and it’s not all about the numbers either.

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In addition to determining how many wedding guests they can afford to pay for and how many wedding guests the banquet facilities can accommodate, the happy couple also needs to take in a few additional logistical scenarios. In particular, the bride and groom and their parents need to decide whether or not they are going to keep in mind the feelings of the people they know along with basic rules of social etiquette when it comes to determining the guest list for the wedding.

If they are going to do so, then their task becomes much more difficult. As each guest receives a wedding invitation, the word spreads that the happy couple is indeed getting married. As more people discover the news about the approaching wedding, more and more people begin to await the arrival of their invitation for the event. Unfortunately, not everyone will receive an invitation and some uninvited people are going to be extremely disappointed.

This is the tricky part where the bride, groom, and the parents must start making the determination as to whose feelings can be spared and whose feelings cannot. In many cases, the decision is based upon whether or not the couple can expect a nice gift from potential guests. In other cases, the decision is based upon which people have been seen on a regular basis. In yet a different scenario, the guest list is partly determined by the age of the people who are invited with the bride and groom either deferring to invite people their parent’s age or choosing to invite people closer to their own age.

Moreover, the bride, groom, and the parent’s also need to think about whether or not to invite children, children of a certain age and over, or no children at all. Plus, does the wedding couple actually want to invite young children and infants who might prove to be disruptive and annoying with their loud cries. In some cases, especially with outdoor weddings, should the bride and groom expressly state that the wedding event is intended for human guests only?

No matter what the bride and groom decide with or without the help of their parents and stepparents, the important part of this scenario is to make a decision for everyone and stick to it across the board. No exceptions should be made to any rules or guidelines that are set up. This is the only strategy that will be fair to each one of the individuals involved in getting married.