Beyond the Ordinary Silk Bag

Your significant other may take one look at the silk bags you have and ask, Do you really need another silk bag?”

The answer, of course, is “YES!”

Your silk bags are the perfect travel companions. They are lightweight and take up virtually zero extra room in your luggage, but they are sturdy enough to hold your belongings in one place.

The question, then, becomes, what kind of silk bags do you need?

Clutch Bags

These trim bags are the perfect au pair companion when you don’t want to schlep a chunky purse, and need something for minimalist accessories, like your lipstick, ATM card and ID.

These silk bags give you a tailored look, and with the variety of prints and solid colors available, you’ll discover that you must have several in your stash from which to choose. Select your fabric and polish your look with a spectacular brooch.

Cosmetic Bags

Travel size bottles and tubes can get lost in your luggage and in your bathroom at home, too. The easiest way to keep these vials corralled is to put them in silk bags or pouches designed for keeping your supplies together.

Bags for make up are a coveted gift among bridesmaids, and they are most excellent for spa goodies as well; you can never have enough of these bags.

Drawstring Bags

There may be nothing more versatile than drawstring silk bags. Their shape is fluid enough to accommodate a variety of necessities, from lingerie to gifts for others.

In addition to using these bags for personal use, the tinier drawstring bags are a favorite for party and event favors. They can hold candies, small toys for kids attending your reception and other objects. The sumptuous, luxe fabric makes them perfect as wedding pouches. Once known as reticules, these pocket sized pouches hold the items you need for the evening without cluttering too much space.

For an unusual bag with a bit of panache, check out the Dennis Wisser satin clover bags, too.

Jewelry Bags

When you leave your jewelry in the hotel safe, you need a container to keep it in. Your monogrammed jewelry bag is the right choice for your silver and gold jewelry. The fabric protects the precious metals and stones from being scratched by other objects.

These tiny bags are de rigeur at home, too, because delicate items like pearls are protected when safely encased in their silk bag.

Shopping Bags

Planning on hitting up the flea market, the trading days or another shopping venue while traveling?  Pack a couple of silk bags in your suitcase. These sturdy companions will work hard to hold your goods together on your return trip.

Silk shopping bags are also excellent for putting your dirty clothes in before you head back home.

The variety of bags available to you in silk may have you dreaming up other uses for them, too. One thing is for sure: there are plenty of extraordinary options for using the ordinary silk bag.