Handmade Wedding Invitations That Set the Standard

Make handmade wedding invitations? you ask. You don’t even make dinner if you can help it. How are you supposed to make intricate, professional looking invitations from scratch if you are not crafty and have little time before your wedding?

And why would you want to, anyway?

Luxury handmade wedding invitations are indicative of your personality. Being able to send them out — on schedule — two to three months before your wedding date says you are a planner who is organized and has her act together because you seem to effortlessly balance your career and home life while slaving for hours making handmade wedding invitations.

There’s a way to get it all done with little fuss, and you can have some fun along the way as you design and decorate your invitations. Best of all, you can still have a couture look with your handmade wedding invitations thanks to your computer and your friends at Dennis Wisser.

The trick in crafting superb handmade wedding invitations is to use card stock paper for the invitations, save the date cards and RSVP cards. Play with a variety of the of fonts on you computer, download some of the free ones to play with, or spend an evening together and freehand the images and words you want to convey.

Once, your template is set, your handmade wedding invitations are ready to go to print — either from your own printer take them to a print shop to have them massed produced. When these beauties come back from the print shop, the fun begins.

It’s time to decorate your invitations. Add laser cut outs, contrasting sleeves or artifacts that say something about the two of you as a couple. Flattering wedding embellishments of pearl, crystal and rhinestone combining with posh satin ribbon also make for stunning details.

With the invitation complete, you’ll want to think about how you’ll send it to your guests. There are a variety of ways to do this, from silk envelopes, folios, pocket folds, to invitation boxes lined with satin or silk. Consider that each layer of packaging increases the anticipation in your guests. Opening a mailing box and finding an Ivory Hinged Lid Invitation Box increases the suspense as your guest opens this second box and finds a folio or other invitation holder.

Your luxury handmade wedding invitations have established your presence. They tell who you are are a couple, and they likely reveal a great deal about you and your future spouse. You are not only frugal. You are also a great planner, well-organized, and just a bit crafty.