Special Events in Your Life That Need Favor Boxes

Favor boxes are for more than just weddings; they are for all the special events in your life.

Guests adore the thoughtfulness of a tiny gift when they participate in an event, whether it be your nuptials, an elaborate fundraising gala or a simple brunch.

If you used Favor boxes for your wedding, you know how much fun it is to plan and coordinate the design of the box and its contents with the theme of your celebration. Consider these additional times when gifting your guests is appropriate and appreciated.

Holiday parties

Social celebrations for holidays such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve come to mind quickly when thinking of giving out Favor boxes, but don’t forget some of the other holidays, like Halloween or even Mother’s Day. The simplest gesture of handing out a small gift is one for which you will be remembered for long after the holiday has passed.

Club gatherings

Social and civic clubs meet for a variety of reasons, and there are times that thanking the membership is necessary. For your book club, place bookmarks in the Favor bags or boxes, and for larger civic clubs, try small magnets or useful gadgets with a motto or quote on them.


Whether you are dedicating a piece of art or a public building, a Favor box thanks the participants and gives them a memento of the event, especially if the contents reveal a small keepsake, even if it is inexpensive.

Open Houses

Holding an open house can be a test of endurance for the busy hostess and host because they must greet and speak with every guest. Making guests feel welcome at your open house is easy with a Favor bag or box that has been filled with special treats or candies.


Wedding and baby showers are definitely the right occasion for favor boxes. You can use a motif similar to the one you used for your wedding or venture into new and fresh design ideas and colors.

Birthday Parties

According to author JRR Tolkien, hobbits never received presents on their birthdays; they gave others presents instead. This gift-giving switch may be a fun tradition to start in your family, and the gifts don’t have to be expensive. Look for small toys or trinkets to put in Favor bags or boxes for each of your guests.

Favor bags or boxes make any event, whether a holiday party or a social meeting, seem all the more important because you took time to thank your guests for their support and attendance, just as you did when they attended your wedding.