The Best in Innovative Wedding Invitation Themes

Have you received a lot of wedding invitations lately?

With so many couples are rushing to jump on the innovation bandwagon, you might find yourself disappointed to discover that the theme you selected for your wedding day has been done . . . several times over.

Don’t despair! Here are five innovative wedding invitation themes you can and should consider to announce the most important day of your life.

  1. Brochure style. If you love to travel, create a brochure of your wedding day by placing important information on each of the panels – you have as many as six panels to fill if you work with a conventional trifold. For better interest, though, devote two-thirds of one side to your invitation or map of how to get to the destination. Continue the theme by asking guests for their wedding “reviews,” which you can save to cherish later.
  1. Chalkboard style. Simplify your wedding invitations by using dark paper reminiscent of a chalkboard. Although black is the traditional color, navy blue, forest green or any dark shade that contrasts with chalk will serve. Continue the theme at your reception by placing a miniature chalkboard and colored chalk at each table so guests can write their well-wishes. Gather the mini-boards and create a wall-hanging for your new home.
  1. Destination styles. Cutouts and attachments personalize these invitations. Use well-known landmarks or representations of the place you are going. Are you headed to San Francisco or Seattle? Consider incorporating the Golden Gate Bridge or the Space Needle in your invitation. If you are headed to the Carribbean, try attaching tiny shells and starfish, and then sprinkle some sand in the envelope.
  1. Scrapbook style. Not all embellishments are made of rhinestones or pearls. Your wedding invitations can be a reflection of your whimsical side. Dress the invitation with a simulated strand of lights for an outdoor summer wedding or for a Christmas wedding, apply monogrammed seals or attach relevant 3-D stickers. Share your love for scrapbooking at the reception by giving your guests detailed 3-D stickers for their own memories.
  1. Lace and luxury. Go beyond print. While lace overlays in paper or silken threads are luxurious, the ultimate in a wedding invitation is to have the entire piece designed and cut out to simulate the patterns found in this favorite trim. Precision laser cutting on wood, card stock and even leather make this detail possible. Continue the theme with lace tablecloths and other decorations.

Your wedding invitations are incomplete without the proper dressing for delivery. Look for silk envelopes and luxury invitation boxes that make sure your uniquely themed invitation gets to where it’s going and makes a statement when it arrives.