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Wedding questions checklist

A Checklist of Questions for the Parents of the Bride and Groom

There are plenty of traditional rules about weddings, including who does what or pays for services and goods.

At one time, parents of the groom expected to purchase the bride’s engagement and wedding rings, fees and licenses, any flowers worn or carried, gifts for the groomsmen and ushers, the liquor and music at the reception, and honeymoon. They also hosted the rehearsal dinner.

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Unique Wedding Invitations

What to Say and When to Say It (Before, During and After Your Wedding)

If you had time to write down every piece of advice you have been given whether you want it or not, you would have enough material for a series of books. From the selection of your unique invitations to the way in which you should wear your hair, it seems everyone has an opinion.

The one piece of advice you may not have heard yet is what to say and when to say it. There are four times saying the right thing the right way is appropriate.

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Brooch Bouquet Resin

Why a Brooch Bouquet Is the Perfect Alternative to the Traditional Bouquet

Brooches are desirable objects for today’s stylish weddings. Even wedding invitation boxes are wrapped in fine fabric and embellished with stunning brooches that say, “This event will be special.”

You’ll find brooches on more than a wedding invitation box. One of the hottest trends for weddings is to leave behind the traditional bride’s bouquet of flowers in lieu of a brooch bouquet.

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Second Time Wedding

Making Life Better the Second Time Around With a Wedding Planner

Once upon a time, you planned an elaborate wedding with all the regalia of a queen. The entourage, the nuptials and the celebrations were truly top-notch. Unfortunately, the marriage was not.

So you started over.

Now you are ready to commit a second time, this time for real. With the true love of your life by your side, you face planning the most important day of your life, again.

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Contemporary wedding venue

Wedding Venues to Consider When Traditional Isn’t Enough

The vows, the cake and the perfect time of year are all part of your dream wedding.

Finding the perfect venue may be a task that ranks almost as high as finding the perfect dress on this most important day, and the venue is perhaps one of the most important items to secure.

As soon as you have established your guest list and have an idea of the number of guests, select your location. While some brides and grooms prefer a traditional location, such as their church, there are also plenty of non-standard venues available that could be the perfect location for creating memories to last a lifetime.

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