Wedding Venues to Consider When Traditional Isn’t Enough

The vows, the cake and the perfect time of year are all part of your dream wedding.

Finding the perfect venue may be a task that ranks almost as high as finding the perfect dress on this most important day, and the venue is perhaps one of the most important items to secure.

As soon as you have established your guest list and have an idea of the number of guests, select your location. While some brides and grooms prefer a traditional location, such as their church, there are also plenty of non-standard venues available that could be the perfect location for creating memories to last a lifetime.

  • Museums – A local museum can create a beautiful surrounding for your wedding. Rather than rent a hotel banquet room, why not enjoy high quality art? Your guests will look forward to the historic setting and cultural richness of this venue, and you may discover a multitude of options, including theatre-style seating and access to part or all of the exhibit.
  • Barns – That old, dilapidated wooden structure may not be what you think it is. Barns today have often been remodeled into the perfect location for a wedding and reception. Whether you exchange vows outside in a natural setting or inside the barn itself, you will find many barns today are completely finished inside with all the amenities including chandeliers and wooden flooring that is perfect for that romantic first dance as husband and wife.
  • Retreats – Sometimes the out of the way of the way place offers the most magic for your wedding. A small town or a spot out in the country may provide the kind of simple elegance that is just right for your wedding day. Most retreats offer inspirational views so you can look to your future as you exchange vows.
  • Your Alma Mater – Did you meet in college? Some universities and colleges offer their facilities for rent. You can enjoy immaculate grounds and the convenience of large meeting spaces by having your wedding and reception at your university. Is your color scheme is based on your university spirit? Coordinate your silk invitations for maximum university spirit.
  • Sports Arenas – If you are looking for something more casual, a sports arena may do the trick. There’s plenty of meeting space (and parking!), and you have the added benefit of staying for a game.

Once you have secured your location, use it to enhance the theme of your wedding. For example, coordinate your wedding invitation boxes to the style of the venue.

If your wedding has a formal theme set inside a museum, consider having the chairs draped with fabric bows and providing your guests with tailored gift boxes or bags as wedding favours. If you opted for a casual afternoon wedding at a sports arena, you can use drawstring bags for reception gifts.

Your wedding venue will set the theme for the exchanging of your vows and the reception that follows. Use this opportunity to establish your sense of style and fun!