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Wedding Cosmetic Bags

Why Cosmetic Bags Are the Treat Your Bridesmaids Will Appreciate Most

You can count on the weeks before your being wedding being some of the most hectic times you will ever experience. It’s a good thing you have your bestie and even a few extra friends helping you with the planning and preparation for the biggest event yet: your wedding.

Your bridesmaids have to let you do some of the planning yourself, however, especially when it comes to their gifts.

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Holiday Wedding

When Your Wedding Takes Place on (or Near) a Holiday

After your engagement is announced, people will ask, “When’s the wedding?”

Although brides and grooms are often advised NOT to select a holiday date such as Thanksgiving or Christmas for a date, there’s really no reason why you couldn’t select that date or something near to it. You set the tone, the theme and the date for your wedding.

Set this tone and theme with boxed wedding invitations.

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