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silk wedding envelope

Silk Says it Best

Silk has long been considered one of the most luxurious materials that people can use. From clothing, to decor, and yes, even wedding invitations – silk sets the tone for your big day. Best of all, silk doesn’t just have to be for upscale, traditional weddings. No matter what kind of theme, venue, or music you plan to have; a silk folder for your invitations says a lot about the day you’ve planned.

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Wedding Brooches

Use Family Brooches and New Brooches to Make Your Day Extra Special

Brooches are quickly becoming one of the hottest wedding trends for women to incorporate into their special day. Everything from ornaments, to wedding favors, and, yes, even to wear – brooches are back in style this wedding season. Using family brooches combined with new brooches can add a personal touch to your wedding day and show off your own unique style. Here are a few ideas to consider as your wedding day approaches.

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Luxury wedding invitations

What Does Your Wedding Invitation Say About You?

Your wedding day is an extension of your own unique personality. Wedding invitations are the first step to setting the tone of the big day for your guests and offer you a perfect chance to tell everyone a little bit about you.

Boost Your Theme

These days it’s very common for a bride and groom to choose a theme for their wedding to follow. Some of the most popular themes right now include rustic chic, modern, vintage, and a farm theme. As well, many couples like to choose a theme for their wedding that relates to their favorite media or books – Shakespeare themes are always very popular.

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