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High End Wedding Invitations Are Your Style

Your wedding celebration is representative of your ability to create uniqueness.

Today’s newlywed’s look less to replicating what’s already been done in favor of forging ahead and creating new and personalized experiences for their guests.

Why can’t a wedding have comfort foods like mac ‘n cheese or hot wings (or both!)? Who is to say that a bocce ball court and a bouncy tent are inappropriate for your guests? What if you prefer disc golf to a disc jockey? You can create the celebration you want.

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The Heritage of Scroll Invitation Boxes

Certain events in a person’s life are celebrated with established customs and traditions. Often these traditions have been handed down through each generation.  Some span eras of time.

You’ve likely heard the wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Every bride looks for something new to carry forward. What she might not realize is that she is carrying her family’s history forward. A family tradition, such as wearing a special pair of earrings or carrying the family Bible is a way to remember and honor the choices of those who walked your same path.

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This Is How Outdoors Wedding Boxes Set the Tone

Believe it or not, some people spend less than 10% of their time outdoors. What with working in offices, commuting in either personal or public transportation vehicles, less little chance to catch a breath of fresh air, much less enjoy it.

Busy lives have been made all the busier with the computers that were supposed to reduce your work schedule and allow you more outdoor time in the first place. Instead, if you’re like most people, you get your outdoor time in by walking from building to building.

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You Need This Wedding Favor Box

Summer lies ahead. With summer comes long days full of sunshine, bright blue skies and warmer temperatures. Much, much warmer temperatures.

If you decide on an outdoor wedding and reception, keep in mind that not all of your guests appreciate balmy days the way you do. And even if they do love them, they are not going to love when the gentle stops and the heats descends on them.

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