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Wedding invitation

Why Couture Matters in Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for couture design for your wedding?

Couture means that a design has been made according to a customer’s specific requirements. These requirements include size, color and design, but most importantly, the requirements customize the product so that is unlike any other.

For some people, couture design doesn’t matter. It’s understandable that a person may feel as though functional is fine as long as it’s also attractive. That may be true of your dishes and other everyday items, but for your wedding invitations, couture matters. Couture design makes you and your event stand out.

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Wedding Favor Boxes

Creating the Ultimate in Wedding Favor Boxes

Using wedding favor boxes is one of the hottest trends for weddings in 2017, but don’t think you have to stop with a simple box.

Wedding favor boxes are so much more when you personalize them to your taste and style. With the right touch, these customized treats


Your wedding favors can set the tone of your celebration when they fit your style. If you’re looking for something casual, make sure the exterior of the box complements your theme.

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Wedding Boxes

Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Boxes

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You are not the only ones planning a wedding.

More than two million people get married each year – in the United States alone. Think about how many wedding invitations that means. Even if every couple sent only fifty invitations, that’s quite a few invitations fluttering through the mail each year. Imagine what that means worldwide.

So how do you make sure your wedding invitation isn’t just another piece of mail – a card stuffed in an envelope?

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high end wedding invitations

What You Must Have in Your High End Invitations

The average wedding cost is up again this year, by several thousands dollars from last year.

With an average cost of $35,000 – and more than twice that if you live in a city with a high cost of living – many brides and grooms look for ways to optimize everything about their weddings. The current trend is to keep the guest list smaller and treat the invitees lavishly.

That means high quality food, unique and personalized wedding favours, and high end invitations. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the many invitations out there that pretend to be premium requests for attendance.

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