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distinctive hotel menu card

Distinctive Hotel Menu Card Covers Set You Apart

Harried and exhausted guests come to your hotel looking for one of two things. They either want a quiet place to work at the end of the business day, or they are looking for a relaxing getaway.

Either way, they’ll remember not only your hotel accommodations, but the service your provide and the way you present your hotel to them. That means your distinctive hotel menu card cover, wine list, framed blackboard or metal ringed binder has to be spot on when showcasing what you case offer your guests in the way of food, beverages or hotel information.

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Wedding Favor boxes

Cookie Bars Lend Themselves to Best Wedding Favor Boxes EVER

Now that you’re getting married, you’re probably getting a little bit overwhelmed. That’s a normal thing that a lot of brides experience. After all, you’ve got a dress to find invitations to order and a ton of other things to do, including figuring out what to feed your guests and what wedding favor boxes to select – as well as the wedding favors themselves.

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Black and White luxury wedding invitations

Black and White Luxury Wedding Invitation Folios Create Style

Look at current trends, and you’ll see a variety of glamorous styles. Metallic glam and rich gemstone colors dominate celebration themes now, and muted pastels are sure to make a strong comeback.

Trends come and go, but the one style that never goes out of style is black and white.

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bespoke wedding invitations

Timeless Winter White Bespoke Wedding Invitations

There’s no more perfect time for white than a wedding, and no better season for a flurry of bespoke wedding invitations than the winter.

It’s easy to love wearing white and decorating with it in the winter because no other color lends itself so well to the season. For the most remarkable use of winter white in your bespoke wedding invitations, you’ll have to take two things into consideration.

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