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communion and baptism invitation

Celebrate the Greatest Gift of All with Communion and Baptism Invitations

Some of the most joyous events in your life center around faith, birth and life itself. Special occasions like these bring all people a little closer, regardless of race, ethnicity, background, or religion.

The birth of your baby is an special moment, one that deserves celebration. After all, bringing a baby into the world and raising him or her in the faith of your family will be one of the most significant things you will do.

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wedding favor box

Wedding Favor Boxes Create Experiences

Some events are so significant that you want them to never end. That’s particularly true of a wedding, a quinceanera or a special gala.

The best way to relive the experience of the wedding, the quince, or the gala you’ve attended is to revisit its special moment through a wedding favor box. It’s a tiny token of appreciation given to guests, thanking them for being part of the festivities.

It’s also a great way to say, “Remember this night.”

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invitation insert

How to Use Invitation Inserts to Your Advantage

It’s not over yet.

Just because you’ve picked out your wedding invitation, it doesn’t mean you’re finished and ready to tackle the next item on your wedding to-do list.

A luxury invitation, whether for a wedding or a gala, has many components you must consider, and some say that the most of important of these is the invitation insert.

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cushions and cushion covers

You’re Using the Wrong Cushions and Cushion Covers

Outstanding room design begins with a concept and finishes with the smallest of details that pull the complete look together. And yet it is often the small details that are most likely to be overlooked or left out altogether.

With the walls freshly painted, carpets rolled out, and furniture in place, it’s time to appoint the accent pieces that unite your overall design. A few candles, a bowl of fruit or other interesting objects and a few coffee table books hare staples in the decorating world, but don’t mistake the power of a great pillow.

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clutch bag

The Clutch Bag You Can Carry Anywhere

The clutch bag never seems to get half the praise it deserves, but once you carry a clutch, you’ll see the benefits of keeping this slim purse in your hand and by your side. It’s the bag you can carry anywhere.

A thin envelope-style purse is the go-to choice for savvy women who want to leave the big bag at home. A small streamlined purse places the focus on you, not on the accessory you carry. It says you value more than the material things you carry every day. In fact, you can do without them.

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luxury wedding invitation envelopes

Creating Romance with Luxury Wedding Invitation Envelope

You’ve picked out the invitations, decided on folios and boxes, but what thought have you given to the envelopes you’ll be using.

Most brides and grooms opt for paper envelopes. Although some couples make quick work of selecting the envelopes by choosing “whatever,” finding the right envelope is about far more than the weight or texture of your envelope paper.

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