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Wedding Tips

Wedding Tips for Dealing with Meddling Moms

As if the stress of a wedding is’t enough, there’s the stress of dealing with well-meaning family members who mean for you to do what they want.

Your anxious aunties may want the inside scoop with plenty of juicy details, and they’ll share their wedding tips with you as well, but it can be meddling moms — on the bride’s and the groom’s side — who unintentionally cause the most anxiety in newlyweds.

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wedding invitation inserts

Wedding Invitation Inserts Demystified

Since the day he asked you to marry him, you said yes to luxury wedding invitations.

The two of you poured dreamily of books of invitations, oohing over texture and cooing about embossing v. engraving. Then there was the night you opened a bottle of wine, and bookmarked every spectacular wedding invitation presented to you online.

And then someone asked you, what about your wedding invitation inserts? Most modern wedding invitations require inserts, and it’s likely that yours will, too.

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Cosmetic Bags That Create a Lifestyle

In seems like in this fast-paced world, everything you have must do double duty, and it should leave a minimal footprint on the Earth. Many of the cosmetics and other toiletries purchased today come in packaging that is a nightmare – either to use or to get rid of.

Modern lifestyles are about much more than the shrink-wrap our toiletries come in.

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pink party favor boxes

Pink Party Favour Boxes to Savour

“Yes, yes, I like that one, too!”

Just last week, the group of young girls — maybe just nine or ten years old — was talking about emotions, specifically what things made the girls sad and what made them happy.

Not surprisingly, the girls agreed about several of their choices. After all, even at a young age, there is wisdom in knowing that playing with puppies and kittens is fun, eating ice cream on a warm day can make you smile, and perhaps some of the greatest joy in life comes from the simple act of opening a present.

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Thai silk bags

Silk Bags You’ll Never Say No To

Every perfect detail of your wedding is coming together. You picked out the most elegant wedding invitations, and they have been assembled, mailed, and acknowledged. You have the venue of your dreams, and your dress is inspirational.

The tiniest details are those that can be easily forgotten. By the time you do remember that you need a bag to carry with your wedding dress, it may be too late to come up with a solution. Instead, everything you need goes into a bridesmaid’s purse or your future husband’s pockets.

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