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Handmade Wedding Invitations That Set the Standard

Make handmade wedding invitations? you ask. You don’t even make dinner if you can help it. How are you supposed to make intricate, professional looking invitations from scratch if you are not crafty and have little time before your wedding?

And why would you want to, anyway?

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clutch bags

Beyond the Ordinary Silk Bag

Your significant other may take one look at the silk bags you have and ask, Do you really need another silk bag?”

The answer, of course, is “YES!”

Your silk bags are the perfect travel companions. They are lightweight and take up virtually zero extra room in your luggage, but they are sturdy enough to hold your belongings in one place.

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luxury wedding invitations

Make the Most of Symbolism in Your Luxury Invitations

You hope your luxury wedding invitation is the most important mail your guest will receive. A magnificent invitation is the first impression your guests will have of the event you’ve planned, whether it’s a gala, a special event or your wedding.

For maximum impact when your invitation arrives, you’ll want to make sure that you have incorporated the right symbolism in your design.

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Newly Married COuple

Wedding Tips for the Recently Married

It’s over at last.

The rehearsal dinner seems like years years ago, and your wedding and reception were a thing of beauty, even if not everything went as planned.
And now you’re married, and you’re expected to settle into your new role. It seems like there were more wedding tips for preparing for the ceremony itself than for the rest of your life that follows.

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