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Luxury wedding invitation cards

Epic Love Quotes to Include in Your Wedding Invitation

Personalizing your wedding invitation with an inspirational quote or verse can be more than appropriate; your selection can set the tone for your wedding day and even your married life, especially if you chose an epic quote.

The Brownings, Elizabeth and Robert, are some of the most favored poets for verses about love, with these two well known excerpts:

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

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Spa Packages Your Bridesmaids will Adore

It’s time to celebrate your besties, the women who have encouraged you, laughed and cried with you, and helped you become who you are today.

It’s time for girls’ day, and you can help your bridesmaids enjoy their time with you by giving everyone a relaxing few hours at the spa. Imagine getting together to drop the stresses and worries that come with planning a wedding. Just thinking about spending time luxuriating in massages and facials can be exhilarating.

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invitation box

The Right Way to Use an Invitation Box

Planning any event, whether it’s a wedding, a bar mitzvah or a gala fundraiser, begins with a date, a guest list and the invitations.

As though it’s not enough to adroitly handle all of details that go along with your event, figuring out the invitations and the contents of the invitation boxes can sidetrack even the most intrepid planners.

Your invitation may indeed remind you of an elegantly lined and covered box, the kind that has been reserved for superior invitations to elite events. Your specialty box may also be of the folio type, with side flaps or wings that open to the contents underneath.

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wedding gifts

Wedding Gifts to Cherish Forever

How is it going with all those wedding gifts?

Like most brides-to-be, once you gifts began to arrive, you probably started a Jenga-like pile of white and silver packages that is threatening to take over one of the rooms in your (or your parents’) house.

Whether you have invited fifty people or five hundred to your wedding, you should consider cataloguing your gifts so you can prepare to send thank-you notes. Create a spreadsheet or use a legal pad to keep track of the arrivals. As you receive each gift, note the date it arrived, the sender, what the gift is and leave a column for you to enter the date you sent the thank you.

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luxury wedding favors

How Necessary Are Your Wedding Favors?

With the big date looming large, there’s a lot to plan for before you get married. The to-do list seems to grow daily.

Not only do you have to decide on the date and venue of your ceremony, you have to get the invitations printed or embossed, stuffed and mailed to everyone on your guest list two months before the day of your wedding to give everyone time to make travel arrangements. You also have to pick a cake, decide on the flowers/videographer/music, write your vows, plan the wedding favors, find your dress . . . the list goes on and on.

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wedding favor boxes

Special Events in Your Life That Need Favor Boxes

Favor boxes are for more than just weddings; they are for all the special events in your life.

Guests adore the thoughtfulness of a tiny gift when they participate in an event, whether it be your nuptials, an elaborate fundraising gala or a simple brunch.

If you used Favor boxes for your wedding, you know how much fun it is to plan and coordinate the design of the box and its contents with the theme of your celebration. Consider these additional times when gifting your guests is appropriate and appreciated.

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