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Colorful Wedding Invitations

The Best in Innovative Wedding Invitation Themes

Have you received a lot of wedding invitations lately?

With so many couples are rushing to jump on the innovation bandwagon, you might find yourself disappointed to discover that the theme you selected for your wedding day has been done . . . several times over.

Don’t despair! Here are five innovative wedding invitation themes you can and should consider to announce the most important day of your life.

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wedding day trends

Awesome Wedding Day Trends You’ll Want to Follow in 2016

From the first invitation that goes out to the last wedding favor bag you give to your guests, there’s no better year than 2016 to create the kind of unique wedding day that reflects who the two of you are as individuals and as a couple.

This upcoming year portends awesome wedding trends that you’ll want to follow for your own day. The secret in pulling of any of these trends, though, is adopt and adapt the trend to suit your own style and personality.

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embellished wedding invitations

Does Getting Cold Feet While Planning Your Wedding Make You Normal?

Getting married to your best friend in the whole world is something you’ve wanted forever. The proposal was inspirational, the venue of your dreams was available on the date you wanted, and your embellished wedding invitations are everything you dreamed of. You even found the right dress!

Now the only thing to worry about . . . is worry.

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Wedding Favor Bags

When No One in Your Wedding Party Agrees – from the Announcement to Your Wedding Favor Bags

When you get married, the odds are pretty good that there will be a disagreement about something. It may be about the open bar, your plunging back on your wedding dress or the goodies in the wedding favour bags for your guests.

Announcing Anything

The simplest of things can quickly become the most convoluted, whether you are announcing your engagement or selecting the wording on your luxury wedding invitations. Your parents may have their own ideas about what to say and how to say it. Certainly you should take their advice, but also remember that some customs may have changed since they planned their own wedding.

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