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Common wedding planning mistakes

6 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Planning Your Wedding

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding, from choosing the right dresses to finding an affordable caterer. With so many choices to make, there is little doubt that you are going to make a mistake or two along the way. Some will be small mistakes, like forgetting your something blue, while others could ruin the entire day if you are not quick to fix them. To avoid the extra headache of additional planning to make a big fix, avoid making these 6 big mistakes from the get go:

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Celebrating wedding in style

Don’t Let Other People’s Expectations Get in the Way of Your Own – Plan Your Wedding How You Want It!

Your wedding may be your special day, but there are a lot of people involved who are going to want to inject their own opinion about how it should be. It may be hard to disappoint Grandma, or even your best friend, but at the end of the day you should be pushing for what you see as the dream wedding, not giving in to others expectations.

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Wedding luxury favour bags

The Two Time Wedding Favor – Why You Should Be Using Luxury Favor Bags

With so much planning going into a wedding, from the invitations to the catering to the limo that whisks you away to your honey moon, it’s easy to forget the importance of your wedding favor. Yet, like your photographs, these are a lasting memory from your special day meant to thank your guests for being a part of it. Rather than bric-a-brac that will just gather dust make your favors make a statement by filling up silk luxury favor bags or invitation boxes with items they will use.

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Wedding Venue

4 Ways a Wedding Venue Needs to Be Available and One Bonus

You can plan your wedding in the most expensive, luxurious location on the planet, but that makes no difference if it’s not available. There is available, as in they take your money and set aside a time and place for you, and then there is available where the venue takes steps to make you feel like you are royalty, and they are there for your every beck and call.

Before you put down any money on your wedding venue, ask the director some very pointed questions:

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